Royal Vina Foods: Ghana’s official local food provider of Brown rice, Ghana white rice, Classic virgin Coconut oil, Brown sugar and Pure Honey.

Royal Vina Foods is Ghanaian local food entity that produces Healthy, Quality, Nutritious, Delicious and Affordable made in Ghana foods to Ghanaians and neighbouring.

Product of Royal Vina Foods includes: Ghana Brown rice (Royal Vina Brown rice), Ghana white rice (Royal Vina Local White Rice), Classic Coconut oil, Brown Sugar, Pure Honey.

The thirst to see Ghana foods available, acceptable and accessible to all is the hallmark for Royal Vina Foods existence.

The increase purchases and consumption of locally made food especially the Ghana rice is a factor to sustain economic growth by curbing the rate of importation of rice that leads to high foreign exchange rates.

I encourage all Ghanaians and other countries to consume the Ghana rice among other food products from Royal Vina foods.
Proudly Ghanaian foods.

Eat Ghana
Buy made in Ghana Foods.
Be a citizen and a proud Ghanaian.

Ghana rice is tasty and healthy .